Artist editions

To support the initiative The Balcony will launch limited editions on the five year anniversary of the initiative. Thank you for your support! 💎️

︎︎︎ prices start from 8€ 

Arthur Cordier, Wouter Huis, Eva Pel, Daisy Madden-Wells, Louis Randaxhe, Valentino Russo and Ariane Toussaint.

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Tote bag, good quality ︎
not your regular primark, 100% cotton
             ︎   €8

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smile it's free therapy
BY Arthur Cordier & Valentino Russo, €8 – with tote bag 14€
Edition of 80, signed
                Riso, A4, four colours

FREE COFFEE (2021-22) and Marktplaats (2023)
BY Arthur Cordier, €220 incl vat.
                8 drawings, aluminium frame, A4

Part of Due to maintenance activities, these rooms are temporarily closed BY Wouter Huis, including tote bag, 14€
                Office print, A4, floor plan,

Pay attention (a little),
BY Eva Pel, €50 incl vat
                Acrylic paint on paper, 300 cm x 8 cm, edition of 5

Heavenly fight cloud
BY Daisy Madden-Wells,
            Small flame, unique sculpture, €250
            Small fight cloud, paint, edition of 3, €50

Keep moving (from the series “Less talk, more rock”), €35
BY Valentino Russo
                Digital print, edition of 5 – (only 1 left)

From the series Chapter 2-Claudine,         €25
BY Ariane Toussaint
                Riso prints, four colors
    – The painting
    – The horseshoe
    – The plastic gloves

Untitled, 2022. Concrete, 18 x 13 cm
BY Louis Randaxhe, 350€
work part of the exhibition The insincere charm of things, with Aline Bouvy and Marcel Broodthaers.