The Balcony is an artist-initiative based in The Hague (NL). The members of the collective organize exhibitions in two locations in The Hague, a vitrine space and a project space. 

The Balcony & Susan Bites are curated by Arthur Cordier (BE) & Valentino Russo (IT).
From January to June 2020, graphic design was by Eva Rank (EE). 

Former members include Ioana Ciora (RO) & Matthew James Lanning (NL), 2018-2020.



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Curatorial line (Click for PDF)
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The artists included in The Balcony’s program relate to the curatorial interests defined as such:
a. an interest in the publicness of the space - e.g artists that develop site-specific works have a responsibility towards all kinds of publics. This doesn’t mean that the works have to be literal and plainly illustrative, but rather to convey possible entries to interpretation in respect to each individual’s sensibility;

b. the artists chosen are invited to reflect upon the very nature of the space - a shop’s vitrine. These practices (e.g Lisa Sudhibhasilp’s exhibition in January 2020) distort in a playful yet critical way the consumerist ideology of shopping displays by exhibiting the displays themselves. In such cases, the vitrine becomes a self-reflective object away from the commodification of our consumerist desires: thus questioning both the structures of our urban and commercially oriented environments and the new form of labour under late-capitalism.

c. The Balcony is eager to exhibit works and practices that avoid possible commercialisation. For instance Turkish artist Gökay Atabek dug two graves side by side - one for himself and one for Yoko Ono - in the canal as a performative act for his presentation at the vitrine space. By escaping the gripping of monetization - and by being a non-profit space, the exhibitions and the vitrine are exploring the new structures of labor in our society. In ‘Freedom from Everything: Freelancers and Mercenaries’ Hito Steyerl develops the “new forms of relationships between people who have become free agents in a world of free trade and rampant deregulation”. A world in which “the condition of the freelancer” becomes the new-standard, thus encapsulating new forms of digital and on-demand labor. The ideas of day-labor, subcontracts and dematerialized labor strongly resonate within the arts and are therefore explored throughout the program.

These are the threads The Balcony program follows and discusses. Artists such as Michael Moennich’s Mechanical Turks investigating of on-demand labor, Franziska Harnisch questioning Street View’s representation of our cities, and more recently Niels Post’s comments ‘On Spam’ in public space, are practices that engage the viewer, the vitrine’s context and the artistic discourse of our times.


The Balcony

Vitrine exhibition space - Herenstraat 14, The Hague (NL)

The vitrine space is part of Willem Bouman & Zn. building, a violin shop and atelier. The Balcony presents artists whose practice engages with the vitrine, in relation to the public space and its 24/7 visibility. 

The intuition leading the space is to present non-The Hague based artists - in priority, and to introduce their practice within the cultural context of the city.

The vitrine operates since March 2018.

Susan Bites

Studio & project space - Laan van NOI, 125, The Hague (NL)

Susan Bites is the studio of the members of the collective and hosts exhibitions in the basement rooms. The programing is unregular on purpose, to allow studio practice and screenings, as well as the organisation of exhibitions and events that best suit the artists.

The project space is running since February 2019.

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