The Balcony’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition

In collaboration with Hilde Barwegen

Press release

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are very pleased to introduce The Balcony’s ‘Extreme Makeover Home Edition’.

Over the course of the last months we have been researching for a new location in The Hague, to replace our beloved vitrine on Herenstraat 14. That was where the initiative started, but as you may already know, we were not able to secure the space any longer.
In the past months we have been cruising around town, sending emails, tracking landlord’s to the bone, and finally... we got it 🌹️

More information will follow, but needless to say we are very excited to share the great news!

Soon, very soon, The Balcony will have a new home.
As the news couldn’t come at a better moment, we release The Balcony’s first artist edition to support the initiative. The next months will include the refreshment and renovation of our brand new exhibition space in the city center.

‘Days of our Lives’ is the title of the artist print you can now purchase, to support us through the process of moving.

‘Days of our Lives’ is the title of a new group exhibition at Susan Bites.

︎︎︎100€. Contact for inquiries and shipping.

‘Days of our lives’
    artist edition
    Design and printing by Hilde Barwegen,
    Digitized VHS still
    Two colors screen printing
    Paper size: 70x100cm
    Image size: 50x70cm
    Printed on 300gr fotokarton
    Limited edition, available in 10 copies, numbered and signed by The Balcony and Hilde Barwegen.

Special thanks to Touchy Studios for the location 💎️