Days of our Lives

Sofia Boubolis, Marta Capilla Urbano, Arthur Cordier, Tatjana Erpen, Helen Anna Flanagan, Martin Parr, Tom Putman, Luca Rubegni and Valentino Russo

*Design Hilde Barwegen
26.02.21 - 14.03.21

The Balcony is pleased to introduce Days of our Lives, simulatenously a group exhibition and The Balcony’s first artist edition — to support the initiative (link)

The exhibition borrows its title from an american sit-com, also parodied in Friends. Also known as DAYS or DOOL, the series is one of the “longest-running scripted television programs in the world” with over 14000 episodes aired since it premiered on November 8, 1965.
The exhibition plays with the domesticated nature of our daily environments, the feeling of captivity, uncertainty and hysteria of our time.
Without the need for a direct reference or mention to
the current situation, the show echoes to the everlasting epistemological pandemic spin-off.

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Sofia Boubolis, carnet noir n.1

Valentino Russo, Black Box Society

Tatjana Erpen incollaboration with Mussa and Khadija LodrickEveryday ingredients

Tom Putman, A false sense of security

Sofia Boubolis, carnet noir n.2

Marta Capilla Urbano, Divine garden (what’s going on here?)

Luca Rubegni, Madi’s lilien

Luca Rubegni, Palazzo notturno

Tom Putman, Untitled

Arthur Cordier, Untitled (streetlamp)

Tom Putman, Untitled

Helen Anna Flanagan, Gestures of Collapse

Sofia Boubolis, La lune et les étoiles du matin

Martin Parr, Liverpool, 1982

Soon, very soon, The Balcony will have a new home.
We finally release The Balcony’s first artist edition to support the initiative.
‘Days of our Lives’ is the title of the artist print you can now purchase, to support us through the process of moving.

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Very special thanks to the participating artists, Laura Jatkowski, Jonathan Hielkema, Hilde Barwegen, Mads Holm, Post NL and Touchy Studios 💎️