Fold 02. On Commons

Willem de Haan

Me: Also Me
10.10.21 - 31.10.21

The exhibition by Willem de Haan is the second instalment of the collaboration between The Balcony and SEA Foundation, as part of SEA’s research program Fold 02: On Commons.
The exhibition follows Tudor Bratu’s presentation at The Balcony (24.09 - 10.10), and anticipates the duo show by the two artists in the space of SEA in Tilburg.

Willem de Haan (NL, 1996) explores different perspectives on copying and appropriating as a form of collective labour. 
This idea is based on viral internet memes, in which an image gets picked up by the online community and is rapidly used as a context to express a wide variety of ideas and ideals. How does an artist connect to its own work once it’s published online and as accessible to anyone else as yourself?

Willem's presentation anticipates the upcoming cycle of events to unfold in the near future. Aiming to redefine The Balcony in its new location, The Promise of Ruin(s) is a curatorial research that looks into the supposedly stable and seemingly ever-lasting confidence in human condition, eco-systems and beliefs, from the standpoint of the very genesis and the inescapable conclusion of every human endeavour.

This exhibition is supported by SEA Foundation and Amarte Fonds.

Special thanks to Sabin Garea for designing and making the shelves, and to Ariane Toussaint for designing and making the curtain.