Fold 02. On Commons

Tudor Bratu

From the Archives of Lawrence W. Albin, who lived a most fullfilling life and died a most fullfilling death (London 1893 - Dreseden 2019)
24.09.21 - 10.10.21

The exhibition inaugurates the new location on Nieuwe Molstraat 14-A2, opening on Friday 24.09.

The contribution by Tudor Bratu at The Balcony is the first instalment of the research program Fold 02: On Commons initiated by SEA Foundation, artist-run space from Tilburg (NL).
The collaboration between SEA Foundation and The Balcony has unfolded through the solo exhibitions by Tudor Bratu and Willem de Haan, that overlapped and followed each other closely; to eventually find a point of contact in the form of a duo exhibition at SEA.

Tudor Bratu (RO 1977) works both in The Netherlands and in Romania. His practice focuses on projects that interweave documented stories of contemporary migration with the artist’s own family history, archival footage and data, as well as post-documentary photography.

Tudor’s presentation introduces the upcoming cycle of events to unfold in the near future. Aiming to redefine The Balcony in its new location, The Promise of Ruin(s) is a curatorial research that looks into the supposedly stable and seemingly ever-lasting confidence in human condition, eco-systems and beliefs, from the standpoint of the very genesis and the inescapable conclusion of every human endeavour: the ruin(s).

This exhibition is supported by Stroom Den Haag, the Mondriaan Fonds, the Gemeente Den Haag, SEA Foundation and Amarte Fonds.

Special thanks to Sabin Garea for designing and making the shelves.