Chapter two : 

Misfortunes of the turbo-tasking

MAY.07. – JUL.16.2022
Opening on Saturday May 7th, from 18:00

With works by Liam Gillick, Joséphine Kaeppelin & Vincent Knopper
The Balcony is glad to introduce their inaugural cycle of events titled The Promise of Ruin(s). The program, set to unfold throughout the coming year tackles the concept of ruin(s)—both as a material relic and as an intangible construction of the mind—giving space to overlapping proposals and temporalities.

The second chapter looks at how artistic labour fits within the realm of the economic functioning of society in which case the multiplicity of identities is a strategy for artistic freedom, opportunities and sometimes economical self-defence. The overlaps between leisure and labour are topics that run through our program and this exhibition in particular.

The artist fees are supported by the Mondriaan Fonds via the Kunstenaarshonorarorium scheme subsidy granted and not completed by Stroom Den Haag subsidy not granted in accordance to the fair practice guidelines. The Gemeente Den Haag supports The Balcony’s production between January and July 2022.
The Promise of Ruin(s) is curated by Arthur Cordier & Valentino Russo.