The Balcony is excited to launch its Public Program which closely accompanies the exhibitions. The activities are facilitated by visual artist and educator Mari Kolcheva.

The program is articulated around four main activities.


The Creative Reading Club gives context to the current exhibition on view, exploring themes and topics behind the artist’s works and behind the main program. Creative Reading Club is a space that nurtures a community of care, collective thinking, and not only appreciates art’s role in socio-political landscape but actively engages in re-defining its narratives and agenda. The participants read, imagine and think, using a playful approach to text and an introspection method for analysis and interpretation.

    Free (on donation)
    Participants : 10–12
    Duration : 2 hours

Peer-to-peer are structured feedback sessions address interdisciplinary artistic practices. They are made for artists and makers that need feedback on their current process, inspired by peer-to-peer education, through different games and exercises. The sessions are inspired by the DasArts Feedback method.

    Free (on donation)
    Participants : 6–8
    Duration : 3.5 hours.

Artists Teach are workshops, during which the artist included in the current exhibition can share a specific skill, knowledge, or know-how to the audience. The aim is to deconstruct the idea that the only thing that an artist does is work, as an abstract and remote concept. But instead share one’s passion and dedication to a craft and field of interest. There is a copy-left (open sharing) approach that connects to the question: how to produce knowledge without extracting?

    Participants : 8–14
    Duration varies from 4 hours up to two days workshop
    Price, from € 8 to € 35 (two days workshop). Lunch included.

The fourth and final section are the Crossovers sessions. The Balcony invites two guests from different fields for a panel talk connected to the exhibition on view. It opens a conversation between a guest with expertise in a different field together with the artist. Crossovers give space to contrasts. Each guest gives a presentation after each other, followed by questions by the audience.

    Participants : 15–25
    Duration 1,5 hour
    Price, € 5 (students), € 8 (standard) and € 12 (support)