Liege, Belgium

Dilum Coppens

Curated by Arthur Cordier at the invitation of Art Au Centre.
08.10.20 - 31.12.20

Arthur: The image of the bird picking its food from the Sun is a beautiful image. I perceived it as a combination of the largest scope of human kind – planets and their rotations – and the rather small and localized equilibrium of things, birds feeding from fruits and flowers. Somehow you bring them together. Like you said it is subjective and open to interpretation. It could feel as a random association yet it says something about them as parts of the systems we live in. Seasons happen for a reason. And flowers bloom.

Dilum: I started a serie which deals with loneliness, as both a desirable and frightening condition. I’ve found myself on both ends of that spectrum lately. I thought it might be nice to show these paintings. My work is based on mythological ruins, and I try to capture that feel with the materiality. I think it’s a matter of bringing the work there and work with the space.

The work is presented during the fourth edition of ‘Art Au Centre’ in Liege, Belgium. The exhibition takes place in 24+ vitrines and empty stores in the city center, coordinated by Maxime Moinet.