Julie Kern Donck

Empire of Everything
30.06.18 - 17.07.18

In a remote period of time
A man ascended on the top of a horse, and
Looked towards the sun;
Everything under its shine was his.

Julie Kern Donck is a Brussels-based visual artist, she graduated from the MA Printmaking at the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre in 2016.
Now attending the Royal College of Art in the Print department, her work focuses mainly on iconography, mythology and language. Praxis, craft and consciousness of the materials, their meaning and their means of production combine with the understated narratives created by figures and signs, forming a tension between individual, discrete experience and global history.
Kern Donck’s work has been exhibited in Belgium, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Germany. Artist and a curator, she led the project space Stocq72 in Brussels between 2014 and 2017 before founding the Pathfinders curation collective. She lives and works between London and Brussels.
She is co-founder of Pathfinders Curation Collective, and co-founder and director of STOCQ72 an artist-run space (2014 - 2017), both in Brussels.