Gabriele Dini

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05.09.20 - 22.10.20

The Balcony is happy to present new works by Italian artist Gabriele Dini (IT).

The exhibition includes guided tours during The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend (10-12.9) and Hoogtij - The Hague’s Art route (25.09).

In the exhibition Gabriele Dini proposes at The Balcony, the artist will explore the nature of the given space and propose a site-specific intervention in the vitrine.

Fascinated by the editorial construction of ‘The Arcade Project’ where the 19th-century Paris is shaped as a collage of quotations from a wide variety of sources, the entry point of his investigation meets Walter Benjamin’s structure of the book: how to arrange a selection of goods in the same way that shop windows and signs are arranged in a congested street?

Jegens & Tevens

Imagining compounds of natural and artificial materials becoming the 'passers-by' or the flâneur themselves, perishable and exposed to processes of decadence and transience displayed in the shop vitrine. This might invert the process of consumerism object/subject and the installation would question the role that the consumers takes.

Through processes of alterations, juxtapositions of fragments and the appropriation of materials from different eras (from online 3D model of ancient artifacts, GPS systems, animal dwellings) the installation will open a dialogue between the sentient agents, the exhibition space and the surrounding landscape.

Design by Eva Rank

︎︎︎ Gabriele Dini