Wouter van der Giessen

15.07.20 - 29.08.20

The Balcony is pleased to present ‘Kraam’, an exhibition by Wouter van der Giessen (NL).

“Colourful and iconic objects draw my attention. A row of containers on the sidewalk: they make me happy. These objects are building blocks for my sculptural interventions in public space.”

By looking closely at specific places Wouter brings existing conventions to the surface. With the sculptural intervention ‘Kraam’ the artist gives a suggestion about what this place could become instead.

The work continues the reflection on the shop’s storefront as a display for artists and their works. What occurs when the context of a commercial vitrine is taken over by an artist?

Wouter van der Giessen graduated from AKV|St.Joost Breda.
With his graduation project ‘Voorbeeldentuin’ he created an open air exhibition with 10 sculptures located in 10 different front gardens in the neighborhood Belcrum in Breda.
His work was part of the Call(s) for Graduates billboard exhibition by Nest and Melkweg Expo.