Anita Mikas & Markus Liehr

Express Delivery Syndrome
06.03.20 - 06.06.20

Anita and Markus’ exhibition at The Balcony mimics the look of a shop window, inspired by those encountered on their trip to Taiwan. The work is a continuation of their research on technology and mass production, especially the low-cost globalized production of Asian counterfeit goods. This combines and intertwines logos creating a graphic sign of its own.  All of this makes up a new aesthetic experience which we are not used to in Europe on such a massive scale.

🗞 press

🗞 press

Their work is a broader reflection on globalized commerce and the transfer of cheap labor from a continent to another. On a larger scale their work deals with topics ‘fast’ and globalized tourism, facilitated by websites such as Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Home Exchange, etc. This explores labor and tourism under our new ‘digital’ economy.

Design by Eva Rank