Jānis Dzirnieks

The Burrow
09.11.19 - 26.11.19

For its 19th exhibition at Herenstraat 14, The Balcony has invited Jānis Dzirnieks (LV).

For his exhibition, Jānis Dzirnieks has combined his reflections on internet related content such as spams and pop-up ads aesthetics in particular. On the other hand Jānis as recently produced Tired Lamps, objects that seemingly ressemble designed lights. These oddly-shaped light sources relate to the urban landscapes of our urban environments both by appropriating the codes of commercial vitrine displays, and by transforming The Balcony’s space into a potential tired design store.

The images distorted on the wall pieces come from online forums, movie streaming websites, and data sharing platforms that are covered with ads. Mostly, you have to click from 3 to 5 times to get the content which you are looking for. These ads have offers to play games, to buy shady products for incredibly low prices, to meet with women. Some of them use the same design outlines as well known brands, but most of them has some little aesthetic details which betrays them. All of these ads due to their aesthetical qualities feel like coming from far distanced, gloomy, abstract places. All of them try to get your attention and data. If you are not aware of this content you get forever lasting ulcer.

Tired Lamps is a continuation of light object series. All the lamps are found on the streets without explicitly searching for them. They have been somewhere on my route and between different tasks. When electrical current flows through lamps – light is emitted. Light itself is fundamental to existence in the city and has always characterised enlightenment, goodness, and many other positive things. In this occasion they are homeless, crooked and tired. 

Jānis Dzirnieks’s develops his practice as a combination of impromptu and lucky coincidences. He is highlighting his personal relationship to growing up surrounded by nature, as well as reflecting on the commodification of nature itself by artistic and industrial processes.
Previously he obtained is BA in Visual Communication in Riga, Latvia. Solo exhibitions include Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Rīga (2017) and Laipa gallery, Valmiera, LV (2016). Jānis Dzirnieks is co-editor of Popper Publishing.