Marlotte Nugteren

Failed works
13.04.19 - 10.05.19

The drawings and paintings of Marlotte Nugteren are characterised by a childlike expressiveness and a direct approach that signifies an inner world full of paradoxes. Vibrant colours and free forms dominate the paper, but the work is not entirely abstract. There are recognisable elements: fantastic creatures, mythic animals, darkly humanoid figures and a variety of banal forms and objects on the border of faithfulness. These figurative elements serve as guidelines, reality is never fully disregarded. A tension between fantasy and reality emerges, between order and disorder, between the imaginative power of the maker and the imaginative power of the viewer. A game of pushing and pulling that raises as much questions as it answers and forces the viewer to think about how to read and interpret the work.

Marlotte Nugteren (NL) graduated in 2015 from St. Joost art academy in Breda. She is currently developing her practice in Berlin. 

The exhibition is supported by Stroom Den Haag.