Jolijn van den Heuvel

Vitrine Affairs
15.03.19 - 14.04.19

 “From ‘being a part' of what is around me I see things, I collect fragments. Constantly in motion, it is my observing attitude that makes me receptive to my surroundings. It is this breeding ground and my own thinking and acting environment that shows in my work. Often these are personal images based on my observations of the visible reality.
My works originate from the examination of specific phenomena and found or collected objects. Working with different media such as: video, photography, ceramics and sound, they show themselves as a meeting of the elements taken from my environment, which influence each other, often making it an installation. With my work, I want to ‘recharge’ existing objects and situations with meaning and feeling, so that they can speak again. To let the personal communicate in a universal way, by creating a poetic visual language”.

Jolijn van den Heuvel (1994, NL) graduated in 2018 at the College for the Arts, academy for Visual Education, Tilburg. Currently Jolijn is a member of the art initiative De Roze Sokkel. Based in Tilburg, they organize exhibitions in unconventional ways. Next to Den Haag (NL) she will show works in upcoming exhibitions in Eindhoven (NL) and Veurne (BE) in 2019.

The exhibition is supported by Stroom Den Haag.