Franziska Harnisch

F.A.R. - Former Analog Realities
26.01.19 - 22.02.19

Franziska Harnisch’s installation reflects on the representation of the city through Google Street View images, as well as the delay that composes this representation. She is interested in the apparently playful aspect of Street View as a memory game.
She defines her work as a combination of "coding, interaction and experiment". She focuses on performative art, social-media based works, and the relation between digital and urban space.
At a certain point, her work develops on its own in a game-like structure with the "renunciation of authorship". 

Franziska is a Berlin-based artist, member of KUNSTRAUM 53 in Hildesheim and from to 2015 to 2019 she ran Vitrine01, an artist-run initiative in the underground metro of the U9 line in Berlin.