fold II. on Commons

From the Archives of Lawrence W. Albin, who lived a most fulfilling life and died a most fulfilling death (London 1893 - Dresden 2019)

by Tudor Bratu (part I)

The exhibition Fold II. On Commons is a series of presentations by Tudor Bratu and Willem de Haan, hosted by The Balcony (part I) and SEA Foundation (part II).

The exhibition inaugurates the new location on Nieuwe Molstraat 14-a2, opening on friday 24.09, during Hoogtij Den Haag,
from 17:00 until 21:00.

On view until 31.10

From the Archives of Lawrence W. Albin
London 1893 - Dresden 2019
Chapter 3: Doubt
24.09.21 - 10.10.21

by Tudor Bratu

Tudor Bratu’s practice focuses on projects that interweave documented stories of contemporary migration with the artist's own family history, archival footage and data, and post-documentary photography.

Opening 10.10
Me: Also me:

by Willem de Haan

Willem de Haan’s practice involves sculptures and contextually-specific interventions that simultaneously jam, hack or parasite the conventional readings of public space.

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