Call for Designers

To sustain the development of the initiative we are searching for a supporting graphic designer.

The Balcony has recently moved to a new location in the city center, at Nieuwe Molstraat 14-2.
And will inaugurate the project space on September 24th with a duo exhibition in collaboration with SEA Foundation, Tilburg.

From November onwards we will unfold the cycle of events titled The Promise of Ruin(s), exploring the contemporary meaning of ruins from social, economical and ecological standpoints.

We wish to formulate the graphic design to fit the new format of The Balcony, which hosts artist studios and a project space.

We speculate on a design that is both recognizable and versatile - to fit exhibitions, screenings and future events. Possibly a template offering overlapped-readings - images to be added, between 1 and 3 (existing) fonts, possibly the current Balcony font*.
We currently display the following fonts on our window, to announce the opening of the space MaziusDisplay and Kaerukaeru.

We also consider making a publication when time and finances allow, to compile the first three years of activity at Herenstraat 14 and Laan van NOI 125

There is a small fee available of +-420,00€ excl. btw.
The Balcony is currently self funded – pending approval applications in the coming months.
As a small artist-run initiative we facilitate cross-disciplinary (funding) applications to sustain everyone involved as much as possible. 

There is no preference in profile. Image-makers who do not solely identify as graphic designers are also welcome to apply. There is no obligation to live in The Hague, but being familiar with our past activities is a plus.

To apply
Send a short introduction and motivation of your understanding of the commission, specifying your intentions. Feel free to include a portfolio or useful links. We are also available for a short (online) meeting.

We will get back to you in August, latest beginning of September.