Open Call

“Contamination and maybe even more”

deadline 23.06.19

“Contamination and maybe even more” is a research-based project between the gallery Fonderia 20.9 in Verona and the artist-initiative The Balcony in The Hague, which includes a residency and an exhibition.

The project is intended as a collaboration between the three organizing artists (scroll down for info) and two artists selected through this Open Call.
The aim is to set up a platform for ongoing collaborations between the participants, both in Italy and the Netherlands.

The participants are invited to critically reflect on the idea of contamination and consumption of contemporary images in our everyday social, political and artistic environment.

The hybridization in contemporary art, politics and social devices poses the question of how we discriminate between the “fluidity” of neoliberal regimes and the fragmented, yet resistant strategies of collage and appropriation.This is mirrored in particular in the field of images, posing the question of their usage and validity in late capitalist societies.

For this particular residency two artists will be selected.
Artists working with any medium are welcome to apply.
The exchange will lead to a collective exhibition in the exhibition space of Fonderia 20.9 (Verona, Italy).

WHERE & WHEN////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
The project takes place in two phases -

First, the residency in Verona from the 23rd of July to the 1st of August, 2019.
The artists will have at their disposal the studio spaces of Fonderia 20.9, in Verona. Additionally, there will be trips to other cities (Bologna), in order to exchange ideas and share the research with other artists, curators and art professionals.

The second phase is the exhibition, taking place in Fonderia 20.9 from the 14th to the 29th of September 2019.

PRACTICAL ASPECTS AND EXPENSES//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

In collaboration with our sponsoring partner Hotel San Marco Verona, the two resident artists will be provided with accomodation and breakfast at the Hotel, during the residency period (from the night of the 23.07, to the night of the 01.08) .
Accomodation is also provided for the opening of the exhibition (from the night of the 13th to the 15th September). Every additional stay outside the indicated nights has to be fully covered by the resident artists themselves.

Other expenses including intra and international travels, exhibition production costs and meals are not covered by the organization. Nevertheless, we will fully assist the artists on all those practical aspects. Also, a crowdfunding campaign is currently in the making. If successful, it will help covering part of the aforementioned expenses.

The artists will have access to the facilities of Fonderia 20.9 during the July residency and can use the space as a studio. Besides working in the studio, the following exchange meetings are suggested:

25.07.2019, morning - studio visit with the artist Giuseppe de Mattia in Bologna.
25.07.2019, 14:00 - visit to the Home Movies film archive, introduction to their artistic and research practice.
25.07.2019, 17:00 - visit to the art project space Nelumbo, meet up with the curators.

Other eventual meetings will be offered to the residents and communicated after the selection process.

HOW TO APPLY///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

The residency is open to artists of every nationality and age.

In order the apply the applicant can choose to provide any useful documents, such as:
- A portfolio, with CV and/or bio (max 20 pages)
- A document containing the name, surname, date & place of birth and actual place of residence of the candidate.
- A project proposal of maximum 500 words, about an ongoing research that will be developed during the residency and exhibited in the group exhibition
- Documentation of previous exhibitions and/or links to the work. (optional)

All the materials must be submitted to before the 23rd of June, 2019.
*the applicant agrees with the proposed dates of the residency and the exhibition.

Video files and other bigger documents can be sent using a file transfer link to the same email address.

The selected artists will be communicated the 27th of June, 2019.

ORGANIZING ARTISTS///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Arthur Cordier (Leuven, 1993) is interested in the realm, the politics and the economy of the commercial-images—the consumption of mass-produced images in advertising on one hand, and the production of urban spaces through commercial structures and billboards on the other hand.
Recently he has been researching the links between supermarkets, colonial and industrial history, and the use of cultural icons in advertising in the Netherlands.
Arthur co-initiates the artist run-spaces The Balcony & Susan Bites, both in The Hague.

Davide Ghelli Santuliana (Verona, 1989) works on the politics of representation, particularlyfocusing on mass-media culture: from pornographic imagery to genre films, his goal is to expose the inherently political and ideological content of images and to create resistant narratives.
He studied photography and video-art at the Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, in Modena (Italy), before attending the MFA in Artistic Research, at the Royal Academy of Ar ts, in The Hague (NL).

Valentino Russo (Rome, 1994) is interested in the reuse and re-contextualization of images from online sources—sometimes mixed with original material. This process mirrors the endless recycle of culture that takes place in our social-media based society, a landscape characterized by the impossibility to distinguish between real and fake, true and false, right and wrong. Around all the collected images, a narrative is constructed, turning the visual material in metaphors, characters, allegories that depict a distorted and often dreamlike reality.


Fonderia 20.9 opened in October 2015, in the burgeoning University neighbourhood of Verona, next to a former ‘Bell’ factory. They curate visual arts projects, with a specific focuson contemporary photography in all its possible forms. Their exhibitions include emerging and established artists, as well as local projects.

The Balcony/Susan Bites is an artist collective based inThe Hague (NL). The collective organizes exhibitions in two locations in The Hague, a vitrine space and a project space - Susan Bites.
Its current members are Ioana Ciora (RO), Arthur Cordier (BE), Matthew James Lanning (NL) and Valentino Russo (IT).